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Open Board of Director Position

Your Trinidad Island Board of Directors is looking to fill an open spot on the Board of Directors. One Director, whose term is up in June, 2021 has unfortunately moved out of Trinidad Island. We wish Kevin Vest all the best and thank him for his volunteer service!

If you have questions or are interested in being appointed to this open position, please email our community manager, Elizabeth Reed, at ereed@keystonepacific.com with your name, address and why you are interested in joining the Board of Directors. The Board will review potential candidates at their November 19th meeting via zoom teleconference.

Also, of note, the City of Huntington Beach had staffed lifeguards at the Beach Park beach area during the latter part of summer with great results. The TIHOA appreciates the lifeguards who worked in this area and we would like to see them back in future years. The Association will be sending a note of appreciation to the City of Huntington Beach for the wonderful service they performed. If any homeowner would also like to send a note of appreciation and support for this service in the community, please send to the City of Huntington Beach.

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